A photographer, a paddler and a thinker.  Although as I get older the paddler part has become less and less and the thinker becomes more and more.

Thank you for checking my blog out.   I’m a middle aged guy who loves photography.   I live just south of Ottawa, the capital of Canada with my partner (Jen), her daughter (Erin) and our 2 dogs (Jackson and Wookiee) and 4 cats (Fluffy, Gizmo, Kitten and Onyx) – yes I live in a zoo.   I have no illusions of what type of photographer I am.   I’m an amateur at best but I do try.  I have never had much of an artistic side, my nature being more on the scientific and spiritual side of things.   Decorating or artistic design has always been lost on me given my logical nature.   Yet somehow I do manage to get some nice images.

I am definitely a Fuji shooter.   Everything on this blog since 2014 onwards has been Fuji X-series of camera and maybe an IPhone picture thrown in from time to time.   I don’t buy new equipment with each release, using an X100S (might soon be replaced with an F) and a X-T1 as my main workforce.    No tripods, no filters.   I try to be as straight out of the camera as possible.  Some leveling, blacks, shadows, etc… and the odd touch up.  Beyond that, you see what I seen.  Although lately I have started playing with post processing film simulations.

Speaking of the blog itself, you may notice that anything before Feb 2017 may have wonky formatting.   I was on blogspot for many years and I used the importer in WordPress to bring my old work over here, but some of the formatting got lost.  I am not going back to fix hundreds of posts.   If you need to see the original, they can be found over on http://canadianloon.blogspot.ca

Please feel free to comment on any images or posts.  Just keep them respectful.  Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.   I am not a pixel peeper, I strive for a good looking image, if there is a “flaw” oh well, I don’t dig that deep.  For me it’s about the overall image and impact is has on a person.

I am not a professional, I do not have a sales website, I do not shoot weddings, and I have never even tried doing portrait work for anyone.   I currently shoot for myself and my needs.  I do sell images for a very reasonable price so please contact me if there is something you’d like access to.  Also happy to discuss on e-mail any questions that you may have, I’m a pretty chatty person 🙂    I can be reached at scrouse@gmail.com