Thank you to all those who commented on my last post about what to do with the blog. I have made the decision to keep my photography and trips here on The Canadian Loon and take my ramblings off to my old spot Canadian Loon Calls. This way folks who are only here for the trips and photography don’t need to wade through my ramblings or get upset by my opinions. You get to choose if you wish to put up with my crap or just look at pictures 🙂

Last week I managed to get a quick trip into Algonquin with a friend before the bugs hit. We noted the weather forecast was amazing, sunny with 25-31c for a 3 day period so we just could not resist. On short notice we packed up the gear and headed out. We had a lovely trip, no other people around – most folks are back to work post pandemic and not everyone knew the park had opened early. Not a lot of pictures as I have visited this location many times, but just a few to show how beautiful the days were. At the end the blackflies were swarming something terrible but were not biting yet, I suspect that has now changed so between mosquitoes and blackflies, I will probably only be day paddling for the next couple of months or until they die down a bit or I just can’t miss being out there :). Hope everyone is having a great week. All pictures taken with my Fujifilm X-100F.