Oh my poor blog, I have not posted in FOREVER. Why is that? Well, my interests and travel kind changed and halted. With the pandemic I have only travelled outside of the area I live in once and that was for work. I did do a couple of camping trips last year but took very few pictures as my interest in photography has died off. This happens, I will put photography on the back burner for a few years until I get inspired again, it is one of the hobbies that comes and goes with me. The past 2 years I have been more focused scale model building. A ton has happened over the past 2 years with the pandemic, retirement, some bullshit in my life, etc…. but not stuff that I would normally put on this blog as it had turned into a photography/travel site.

I miss blogging but most of what I have on my mind these days are “opinion pieces” that may not appeal to everyone. The pandemic has made the world more vocal, in a good and bad way, where people are very disrespectful of peoples opinions so I hesitate to post but I am not sure this is healthy as I have always used the blog (way in the past) as an outlet to work through my opinions and thoughts. But should I do that here on the Canadian Loon or should I start, yet another blog? And let this one sit with little to no activity and only a few pictures here and there of the various non-confrontational/opinion things in my life?

If anyone still comes here to see what I am up to, let me know what you think. Leave it? Post whatever I want? Stick to my canoe trips, travel, model pictures? Curious where I should take all this.

A trip to the Brent Crater last summer.

Some of my model builds over the past year.

Fall camping in Algonquin.