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Tall Ships Continued

A few images from the other evening.    After they had passed down the north shore of Bermuda (my last series of pictures) they then moved into Hamilton Harbour where everyone can see the boats and take tours.   The... Continue Reading →

America’s Cup Racing

Warning:  A pile of photos ahead 🙂 Thanks to friends of mine who were nice enough to loan us their 14' skiff.   We picked up a spectator flag and went out to see the races close up and personal.... Continue Reading →

Bermuda Tall Ships 2017

Lots happening here on the island.   In addition to the Americas Cup racing, we also have the Tall Ships visiting the island.   I was fortunate enough to be here back in 2009 during their last visit to the... Continue Reading →

Chasing Tail

Get your mind out of the gutter!   🙂   Chasing Bermuda Longtails.   I have always loved these birds as they fly around the cliffs, playing and darting in and out.   When I lived here the surviving numbers... Continue Reading →

Aerial Photography Bermuda

The other day I posted some early pictures from my flight over the island - I finished going through them with some light processing and when I was done I realized that uploading all the photos to the blog would... Continue Reading →

We’re Going To Need a Bigger Lens

To somewhat quote the famous line by Martin Brody in Jaws about needing a bigger boat.   Well today I needed a bigger lens 🙂 But I'm sure every photographer has been down this road because no matter how big of... Continue Reading →

East End Bermuda (Being a Tourist)

I have to admit that thus far I haven't been putting my artistic camera foot forward, mostly my tourist eye 🙂   I have a friend with me here on the island so I am actually playing tourist guide and... Continue Reading →

Back in Bermuda

Hello everyone, back at my 2nd home 🙂    Busy trip this time around as I have a friend visiting with me so I'm playing tour guide AND I'm here for the Americas Cup racing so I'm on the move... Continue Reading →

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