The Canadian Loon

An Enthusiast Photographer

Back to Bermuda Again

Seems the only time I blog is when I'm down here but I have to admit I really seem to get my creative juices going down there and less so in the Canadian winters. Just a quick walk to a... Continue Reading →


Playing with Lines

Spot the lines 🙂

A Hard Lesson in Light

Every now and then (ok, most of the time) you end up with light that just doesn't feel right.   But that's ok, I had been to this location several times before and got the ocean blues and deep greens... Continue Reading →

Back to Bermuda

Rare that I travel to Bermuda in the summer as I hate the heat and humidity but a good friend is getting married this week so here we are 🙂    Not focusing on photography this trip as I have... Continue Reading →

Aerial Photography Bermuda – Part II

I finally got around to piecing together the video that I promised almost 2 months ago.   It's been a weird summer and I find video editing somewhat painful 🙂   Just shows that I'm a photographer first and cinematographer last.... Continue Reading →

Royal Naval Dockyard

One of my favourite photography spots on the island is the Royal Naval Dockyard, in particular Commissioner's House.   I was a bit irked when we arrived to discovered the house was closed for "an official private function".   Argh,... Continue Reading →

America’s Cup Village

One advantage of the "new" style of America's Cup racing is that it's not offshore and as a result you can view the racing from shore.   Almost in a stadium environment.   The way that Bermuda is shaped creates... Continue Reading →

A Touch of BnW

Took a run into the city of Hamilton yesterday afternoon to do some window shopping.  It was a beautiful day with amazing blue skies, flapping red flags, turquoise water, green shrubbery and multi-coloured buildings.   Thus slipped the X100F into... Continue Reading →

A Bermudaful Day

Sunday evening a small front rolled through the island that dropped the humidity and cleared the haze out of the air leaving a beautiful, bright, blue day.   Took my traveling companion up to the old CFS Bermuda station to... Continue Reading →

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