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Into the Outback – Uluru

This is a tough post to put together as I obtained so many wonderful photos thanks to moody skies and such a beautiful spot. At he bottom of this post I will put a link to all the photos in... Continue Reading →

Daintree – Swimming with the Fishes

This is the day my photography failed me 😦 Day 4 was snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef with Ocean Safari. Like most places in the Daintree, they came up to the Beach House and picked me up and took... Continue Reading →

Daintree – Where Dinosaurs Still Roam

Day 3 was my highlight of the rainforest. And that is saying something when you look at all the great things I have already done and things I still have to come. If you go to the Daintree, there is... Continue Reading →

Daintree – Beach, Zip-Lining and Spiders!

At the end of Day 1 I was off to bed pretty early. With so little light getting through the rainforest canopy (only 20%) it got dark pretty early. So bed early and early to rise? Nope, early to bed... Continue Reading →

Cairns to Daintree

Time to sit down and put some context with all the pictures I posted to social media of the past 2 weeks. After I completed the work part of my trip it was time for 2 weeks of holidays. The... Continue Reading →

Canberra, Australia

Well hello Mr Neglected blog.    It seems that you have become my travel blog, completely  forgotten until I travel.   Well guess what, I'm traveling!   🙂   I am here in Australia for the next 3 weeks.   Starting in Canberra, then... Continue Reading →

A Few From Around the Island

Jen and I have been very sick the past few days.   The only thing worse then being sick is being sick on your vacation 😦    But in between blowing noses and coughing our lungs out we made a few... Continue Reading →

An Evening Walk on the Beach

Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda is one of the top 10 beaches in the world.   Unfortunately during the day the beach is packed with people from the cruise ships.   But after 5pm, the tourists vacate the beach and the locals come... Continue Reading →

Some Tourist Pics

I call these tourist pics as they are things I have photographed before around the island but just had to catch the beauty again but  in classic chrome.   Nothing new and innovative in this batch, just beautiful Bermuda scenery.   We... Continue Reading →

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