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A Hard Lesson in Light

Every now and then (ok, most of the time) you end up with light that just doesn't feel right.   But that's ok, I had been to this location several times before and got the ocean blues and deep greens... Continue Reading →


Back to Bermuda

Rare that I travel to Bermuda in the summer as I hate the heat and humidity but a good friend is getting married this week so here we are 🙂    Not focusing on photography this trip as I have... Continue Reading →

Aerial Photography Bermuda – Part II

I finally got around to piecing together the video that I promised almost 2 months ago.   It's been a weird summer and I find video editing somewhat painful 🙂   Just shows that I'm a photographer first and cinematographer last.... Continue Reading →

Royal Naval Dockyard

One of my favourite photography spots on the island is the Royal Naval Dockyard, in particular Commissioner's House.   I was a bit irked when we arrived to discovered the house was closed for "an official private function".   Argh,... Continue Reading →

America’s Cup Village

One advantage of the "new" style of America's Cup racing is that it's not offshore and as a result you can view the racing from shore.   Almost in a stadium environment.   The way that Bermuda is shaped creates... Continue Reading →

A Touch of BnW

Took a run into the city of Hamilton yesterday afternoon to do some window shopping.  It was a beautiful day with amazing blue skies, flapping red flags, turquoise water, green shrubbery and multi-coloured buildings.   Thus slipped the X100F into... Continue Reading →

A Bermudaful Day

Sunday evening a small front rolled through the island that dropped the humidity and cleared the haze out of the air leaving a beautiful, bright, blue day.   Took my traveling companion up to the old CFS Bermuda station to... Continue Reading →

Tall Ships Continued

A few images from the other evening.    After they had passed down the north shore of Bermuda (my last series of pictures) they then moved into Hamilton Harbour where everyone can see the boats and take tours.   The... Continue Reading →

America’s Cup Racing

Warning:  A pile of photos ahead 🙂 Thanks to friends of mine who were nice enough to loan us their 14' skiff.   We picked up a spectator flag and went out to see the races close up and personal.... Continue Reading →

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