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America’s Cup Racing

Warning:  A pile of photos ahead 🙂 Thanks to friends of mine who were nice enough to loan us their 14' skiff.   We picked up a spectator flag and went out to see the races close up and personal.... Continue Reading →


Bermuda Tall Ships 2017

Lots happening here on the island.   In addition to the Americas Cup racing, we also have the Tall Ships visiting the island.   I was fortunate enough to be here back in 2009 during their last visit to the... Continue Reading →

Chasing Tail

Get your mind out of the gutter!   🙂   Chasing Bermuda Longtails.   I have always loved these birds as they fly around the cliffs, playing and darting in and out.   When I lived here the surviving numbers... Continue Reading →

Aerial Photography Bermuda

The other day I posted some early pictures from my flight over the island - I finished going through them with some light processing and when I was done I realized that uploading all the photos to the blog would... Continue Reading →

We’re Going To Need a Bigger Lens

To somewhat quote the famous line by Martin Brody in Jaws about needing a bigger boat.   Well today I needed a bigger lens 🙂 But I'm sure every photographer has been down this road because no matter how big of... Continue Reading →

East End Bermuda (Being a Tourist)

I have to admit that thus far I haven't been putting my artistic camera foot forward, mostly my tourist eye 🙂   I have a friend with me here on the island so I am actually playing tourist guide and... Continue Reading →

Back in Bermuda

Hello everyone, back at my 2nd home 🙂    Busy trip this time around as I have a friend visiting with me so I'm playing tour guide AND I'm here for the Americas Cup racing so I'm on the move... Continue Reading →

Downtown Ottawa

Winter has continued to fight spring off.  Two more snowstorms in as many weeks but today we found ourselves with a beautiful sunny day of 10c.  Although given how people were dressed you'd think it was much warmer.  Just a... Continue Reading →

Spring is slowly coming!

FINALLY!  I have had my X100F for over a month and today the stars finally aligned; It's a lovely day outside, It's not stupid cold (unless you call -8c windchill stupid cold), and I'm not at work. Quick, get the... Continue Reading →

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