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Northern Algonquin

As the end of Aug came around, my camping session begins! After enduring over 6 months of the pandemic, my camping decided to coincide with the going back to work routine. Seriously? My timing sucks! But regardless I will be... Continue Reading →

Camping Begins 2020

Oh, the year 2020, where to begin. Unless you have been living on the moon, you know this has been one of the strangest years in our lifetime. I won't get into details and my opinions on things, but camping... Continue Reading →

Photographers Yearly Review

I love how all the photographers I follow make a blog post on 31 Dec each year of their top photos and talk about what a great year it was in photography. 2019 was not a "great" year for me... Continue Reading →

Happiness is a new canoe

I have been terrible at taking pictures this past 5 months, although I have some that I will put together in a random batch.  But this blog is not just about photography, it is also for all my hobbies.   That... Continue Reading →

Bermuda Randomness

Bermuda is an amazing spot and as the time goes on I end up with a collection of images that don't fit a theme, so let's just call this "Bermuda Randomness" .   Only a couple of days until I return... Continue Reading →


Yes I know, not the first time I have posted a pile of pictures of the Longtails in Bermuda and yes, they have been good pictures, but not exactly what I have been looking for.   To see them, just search... Continue Reading →


Another day out in the boat 🙂 .   The goal was just to pudder around in the boat, find a nice secluded spot and go for a swim.    But we ended up with an additional bonus. It being a... Continue Reading →

A Special Kinda Blue

For those who follow me, they know 2 things.   I love Bermuda and I love shooting black and white.   Every time I come to Bermuda I have the best intentions of shooting more b&w but it just never happens.   There... Continue Reading →

Bermuda – Trip 40 Something

I really need to sit down and figure out how many times I have been back to Bermuda since I left here in 1993.  But my best guess is over 40 times. Haven't taken as many pictures yet as my... Continue Reading →

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