Ok, lets finish Sydney up 🙂

I was so tired from the day before that I slept almost a solid 12 hours. I had plans to go to Chinatown and one of the markets but one of my “faithful readers” convinced me that I needed to get on the ferry and see the harbour from the water and go spend a few hours in Manly Bay. She won the battle so off I went.

Unfortunately I was still pretty tired and sore from the day before and the temps had jumped 15 degrees to a whopping 39C. Very quickly sapping my energy. But onwards anyhow.

Cool skies with the skyline of Sydney
Pulling out of the dock
I am pretty sure I see this boat in Bermuda during the summer months.

Obviously the ferry gives you a more unique look at the harbour and seeing some more of Sydney on the short run over to Manly Bay.



Self explanatory 🙂

Manly Bay itself I am sure is way better then what I took in. Doing some research there is some spots I would have liked to have visited but I was just too damn tired out. I walked along the shop area just outside the wharf and then found myself inside the 4 Pines Brewing Company. For some reason I found myself more drawn to craft beer and food then I did touring around 🙂 Several brew later and I found I had to sort of sit there for a bit until I found my legs again to walk (stagger) back to the wharf and get on the boat. A stop at the Spirit Gallery in Sydney to pick up a few gifts and talk myself out of purchasing myself a Didgeridoo and it was back to the hotel for an early supper and a nap.

Coming into Manly
I thought this was funny that she thought she was getting out of the picture 🙂
A ferry with 2 bows, keeps the boat from having to turn around.
Sydney during the day.
Another angle


Cool clouds and the opera house needs a wash!  lol
I just like the look of this ferry.


Woke in the early evening feeling a bit better after having escaped the heat and getting some rest and I was off to the Opera House yet again to catch the Badu Gili at sunset and to see the harbour one last time at night.


I sat on the steps waiting and waiting for the Badu Gili to start. The sun had set, it was dark yet nothing, I was close to giving up in frustration and finally it started. Seems they wait until it is good and dark – lol. But it was worth the wait, I started snapping photos and I quickly realized pictures were not going to do it justice and I switched over to video.

Waiting for the show the Opera House begins to light up
From the steps looking back at the city as the lights come up.
and the light show begins


At this point I switched to video.  Enjoy the show.

The show ended and I did the slow walk around the Opera House and the docks and back to the hotel to pack up for the journey home.

The white dots are birds
Such a lovely place to visit at night
Enter a caption
Lots of people watching the harbour and boats
Such a great ending to the trip, this view and the Badu Gili

Next morning, back out the airport for the gruelling 26 hour trip home. But what a trip! In 3 weeks I had visited 4 completely different spots and there is still so much more to see in Australia.

Since returning I have been asked. What would you do different? What was your favourite part? What did you dislike? And so on. I have to say I really can’t answer those. Would I do it different, probably not, it was a great first trip. But when it comes to like and dislike it is so hard as everything is so different and unique compared to where I live. It was an experience. My only wish is that I would have liked to have seen all this 20 years ago or longer when the tourism was maybe a bit less. It is so in your face at Uluru and Kata Tjuta and Sydney. The Daintree you could escape it a bit but almost everyone you met was a foreign worker, there were few people from the actual region to meet and talk too. That would be my only dislike, they were nice people, but I would have liked to have spent more time with people who have lived in those regions most of their lives.

But at the end of the day, it was a trip and places that I will never forget and all are on my list for repeat visits if I find myself in the position to return. Thank you Australia, I had a blast!