Ok, gotta get through this trip, I have been back almost a month now 🙂

The last morning in Alice Springs was uneventful, off to the airport for my flight to Sydney in the late morning arriving mid-afternoon. What a shock to the system landing in that domestic terminal after having spent the past 11 days in much quieter areas. Taking the Uber into downtown my eyes were wide being back in civilization and the chaos.

Arrived at my hotel – The Tank Steam Hotel – by far the best I stayed in (minus the apartment in Canberra). The rooms were small, no windows but very modern, comfortable and a bar (no booze) that was restocked for free use every day. Situated within easy walking to everything. Price is near 100 bucks cheaper then anything around. So put it on your list, as long as you can deal with small but comfy.

I went out briefly to get food but that was the end of my day. I was exhausted after the last 5 days in the Outback and just caught up on the news as I had been out of internet range and relaxed. I am glad I did as the next 2 days I put some serious miles on the feet 🙂

Next morning, up bright and early and off to see the famous Sydney Bridge and Opera House. Now this is where I wish I had someone to sort my images for me. I am sorry for the glut of pictures, but I love them all.



Could not resist a panorama
Being early I beat some of the crowds
It is quite the building to see.


Couldn’t resist a bit of black and white.
Playing with reflections in the glass
And more
Wide angle lens here is a bonus.
Chinese tourists were fascinated with playing/feeding seagulls.
View from the Botanical Gardens
Chinese tour group, all in a line
What can I say?  wow
Artistic with the plants.

After a few hours of wandering around the docks and Opera House I found myself at the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe. Oh my. Croissants with melted chocolate for dipping and amazing coffee. Ended up spending 2 hours just quietly watching people sipping amazing coffee. I was so wired by the time I left hahaha.

Next I was off to the bridge. The night before I had looked up the bridge climb and was shocked at the price. Over $300 during the day and $425 at night. Sorry, outside of my price range. But you can climb the pylon for $15 bucks and get damn near the same view, see various artifacts and watch a movie on the building of the bridge and how important it was to Australia and helped against the impact of the great depression. Very interesting spot to visit. Finding my way to the pylon was bit of a pain in the ass as google maps really has no idea how to get there. But along the way (which was very round about) I managed to find some interesting shots from that side of the harbour.

What kind of bird is this?  Freaky looking thing and I only seen it in Sydney.
Nice view from the park across the harbour
This bridge is pretty cool
Lots of Chinese weddings going on for some reason.   Decided to get in on the photography action.
The view from the Pylon
Looking down the harbour


If you look closely at the center of the right railing of the bridge, you can see the climbers.   Look to the top, not much higher than I am.   300 bucks vs 15 bucks, you do the math.
Harbour and downtown
There it is.


After the pylon I was back to the hotel to rest. My feet were sore but I had plans to get out for some evening photos. My goal was to capture the opera house while Badu Gili was playing. The Badu Gili means “water light” in the language of the Gadigal people and plays daily at sunset and again at 9pm for 7 minutes on the eastern sail of the Opera House. My intentions were good but I missed the mark. I was envisioning it across all the eastern side and I didn’t realize that it was on one sail only. As a result I spent several hours taking photos but didn’t realize that I had missed it twice (but actually got it in the photos, but too far away) until much later. More on that in the next post when I did get photos and video. I walked over to the far side of the botanical garden to what is called Mrs Macquarie’s chair.

Was hoping to get sunset over the opera house but not to be, it is behind the city this time of year.


Sun filtering through the city.
Damn, not behind the opera house
I was not alone.
Starting to get lens envy.
Golden hour is coming.
🙂 .  This made me happy.

Like I said, I ended up spending many hours there until well after the botanical gardens was closed. I had to find my way back to downtown Sydney by going around the garden, yet another adventure and to this day I still have no idea how to do this easily. I collapsed into bed exhausted after a very long, yet satisfying day.

A stretch for my little camera but a gorilla pod and some playing with settings and I got it.


So if you look at the sail to the far left you can see the green, that was the end of the show I was watching for.   Tomorrows post 🙂