At the end of Day 1 I was off to bed pretty early. With so little light getting through the rainforest canopy (only 20%) it got dark pretty early. So bed early and early to rise? Nope, early to bed and late to rise :-).

Had a lovely breakfast at the restaurant and then off to the beach for a walk as I had nothing planned until later in the afternoon. I find that when I am alone with my camera and just slowly wander around is when the artistic flair comes out. I walked about 2km’s of Cape Tribulation, always wary of any salt water crocodiles. It was a lovely stroll and it allowed me to exercise some of the artistic side of photography. Apologies for so many pictures, I always struggle to pick just a few, they are all my favourites.

In the early morning it was hard to differentiate between land and sea.
Cape Tribulation


No, I have no idea what it was.


Everyone relaxing in their own way.

Lazed around the cabin and pool area for the rest of the early parts of the day just reading a book and relaxing. Having no internet or cell access can really reconnect you to the world and relaxing. I had signed up for Jungle Surfing (zip-lining) with a local outfit – Jungle Adventures. They came to the Beach House and picked me and shuttled me the 5 minutes to their location to sign my life away that I wouldn’t sue them if it all went horribly wrong. After they had gathered everyone we found ourselves with just a small group of 7. This was advantageous as it allowed for much more time on the platforms where the staff took time to really show us the sites and give some of the history of the rainforest. Many of the staff at locations around the rainforest are foreign workers but they do seem to have a vested interest in the region and it’s history. The course is not huge, which limits its impact on the rainforest, but is sufficient to have a great 90 minutes. One of the hi-lights was watching one young couple who was with us. She has an obvious fear of heights and he only had one arm. Both had a great time and completed all parts. For someone with a fear of heights to dangle upside down on a zip-line, it must be terrifying!

The course
1. Not a Selfie Guy 2. Yup, terrified


To raise people to the first platform, a human hamster wheel is used.
Looking back at the hamster wheel from the first platform.


From the platforms you can see the Great Barrier Reef.  Two world heritage sites that touch.


One missing an arm and the other scared of heights.   Way to go racing down the last leg!

Some video of me zip-lining.   Shot with my old GoPro Hero 2 so the quality isn’t the greatest but you can see how awesome the rainforest is.

After an excellent couple of hours they delivered me back to the Beach House where I grabbed some supper, changed batteries in the cameras and they were back to pick me up for a Jungle Night Walk. This time different staff but walking through the rainforest with torches looking for eyes of critters. We didn’t see any critters but we sure ran into our share of spiders. Overall it was a nice walk but there were a few people in the group who were rather noisy or shouldn’t have been hiking in the bush that probably contributed to the lack of wildlife. Still an enjoyable evening.

My pickup.
Love the guides shirt – Nightstalker
Web and a husk of a spider
Inside a tree that no longer exists.   A strangler wrapped itself around and killed the tree hundreds of years ago, the tree rotted away leaving just the strangler.  Looking up inside the hollow where the tree used to be.
Spiders Everywhere!


Early stages of a strangler
A tree of stranglers
I am not touching it.


Back to the Beach House where I collapsed after a long day.   Even after seeing all these spiders, I still slept great.