One of my recent favourite haunts on the island is Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve.   For the first 25 years I lived and visited Bermuda it was an “out of bounds” location as it was a NASA tracking centre and used by the US military.   After the US left the island the site remained pretty much untouched until a few years back when it was converted to a nature reserve and reopened to the public.

As time has gone on, the population of Longtails and Turtles has flourished in the area and it makes for a lovely photo spot.   I know the Longtails have returned to Bermuda as I have seen them flying on the south-shore of the island but they still seem a bit elusive.   One of the best spots normally to photograph these birds is at Cooper’s Island, so I went down to try my luck.   To my horror there were none around.   After an hour I did hear a few singing their song from a cliff that is on the other side of where they are normally located.  I pushed my way threw the brush and managed to locate 3 birds who were darting in and out of the cliffs.   It only lasted for 10 minutes before they disappeared.   Managed a few shots but not exactly what I was looking for, will be going back in the coming weeks to try again.  The fuji X-T1 and 55-200mm lens takes great pictures but the autofocus on these fast moving birds makes it a challenge to snap the perfect picture.

No sign of any turtles so guessing they have not yet returned to the island for the summer.

The beaches are always so crowded at Cooper’s


No better way to watch the day go by.