Seems the only time I blog is when I’m down here but I have to admit I really seem to get my creative juices going down there and less so in the Canadian winters.

Just a quick walk to a familiar spot yesterday, bad time of day with really bad lighting but just a few shots for entertainment 🙂

Spittal Pond
Stairway leading up to Portuguese Rock


The oldest known etching on this island is from 1543 and it had the initial RP and a cross.  For hundreds of years it was believed to be Spanish so the area was known as Spanish Rock.  After much research it was determined that it was actually the initials of the Portuguese king of the time and the cross was Portuguese.  In 2009 the name was changed to Portuguese Rock, although most Bermudians still call it Spanish Rock.   The lead etching was to preserve it due to the soft nature of limestone.  A shame that others are so disrespectful of the rock.


Great views from the rock.