Every now and then (ok, most of the time) you end up with light that just doesn’t feel right.   But that’s ok, I had been to this location several times before and got the ocean blues and deep greens of the ocean with the beautiful blue skies, so this gave me a bit better of a look.

Since I got my X100F, I have just can’t take the camera off of Classic Chrome or Acros.   I go back to Provia, which I loved, and I just can’t do it.   But when you have an all blue scene like these it feels like it’s missing something.   Provia only gave me purple skies and Vivid was even worse.   But after looking at them for a bit the CC grew on me in these images, it was only because of my older pictures of this area that I was jaded.  From a few years back right after I got my X-T1 Coopers Island

This one was shot in Provia, note the purple.
Classic Chrome at it’s best
The hazy, overcast day gave a very flat kind of light but so different from those bright days.


Acros.   Amazing how things can look so different in colour vs black and white.  If I hadn’t of posted a colour version of this would the black and white have stood on its own?
Such a beautiful location
Too many people on this beach.