One of my favourite photography spots on the island is the Royal Naval Dockyard, in particular Commissioner’s House.   I was a bit irked when we arrived to discovered the house was closed for “an official private function”.   Argh, this has happened to me a few times.   I understand that they probably make more money from these functions but damn, these places are supposed to be public.   But I wasn’t going to let it stop me, there are still many things to see.

First stop was the old boat sheds.   My guest is a huge sailing fan and I knew he would love these boats as much as I.   It is also one of my favourite photography spots as the colour of the wood is amazing.   This was my first time using the X100F and ClassicChrome in the shed and I love the results.  I’m getting ready to stop shooting the raw’s as I’m only using the jpg versions.


Next stop was the dolphin quest.  Marley was putting on a show for a lady.


and a few shots of Commissioners House, wish they would open all the blinds and doors like that when I visit and not just for private functions 🙂   But I’m not bitter hahaha.


Days are winding down here in Bermuda, just a few more left and heading back home.   Shopping today so not sure if there will be many more pictures to come.  But we’ll see what the last 2 days and weather brings.