One advantage of the “new” style of America’s Cup racing is that it’s not offshore and as a result you can view the racing from shore.   Almost in a stadium environment.   The way that Bermuda is shaped creates a half moon around the course and you can easily run out in a small boat to watch the races from the spectator fleet or you can dot the shores to get a glimpse of the action.    Bermuda also took the time to actually build a village where all the boats could be docked in one place where everyone can view them, grandstand seating and activities for people to do.   This involved building a new island.   The details of that construction can be seen here – America’s Cup Village By the Numbers.

General admission prices are reasonable with the various types of Grand Stand seating getting more and more expensive depending on your tastes.   But it was worth a visit.

No professional cameras allowed (although what defines a professional camera is up for debate) so just slipped my trusty x100f into the poach and away I went.   Unfortunately the images got cut off when the wind and rain moved in, the one pitfall of the X100F is that it is not weather resistant, so into the protective bag it went.   But a few pictures from the venue, if you are on the island be sure to check it out.

Team GBR
Large screen TV’s and picnic tables on the fake golf grass.
Team Artemis pavilion with on of their hulls on display.
Team Artemis getting ready to head out.
The Artemis pavilion.
The normal grand stand.
Artemis being pushed out.
Team New Zealand being pushed out.   Little did they know of how bad of a day they had ahead of them.
Team Japan being pushed out.
Some more super yachts hanging out at Dockyard.
Team GBR decided they don’t need a crew to push them out and showed how to sail out of a harbour – lol
Team New Zealand discovering their first problem of the day that required a wing change.


Team GBR weaving through all the boats.


Team New Zealand definitely has some fans.
Loved the pillows to lounge on while watching the race.
Just before the rain came pouring down but had a great time anyhow.

Calling for bad weather the next few days so picture might be limited from here till the end of the trip 😦