To somewhat quote the famous line by Martin Brody in Jaws about needing a bigger boat.   Well today I needed a bigger lens 🙂

But I’m sure every photographer has been down this road because no matter how big of a lens you have you will always find yourself in a situation where you need a bigger one, one with more light, wider, smaller etc etc..    Unless you have unlimited money, this problem is just a reality.   I knew this trip would need a long lens so I looked at the Fuji 100-400mm but justifying that kind of expense for something a would use a few times of year just wasn’t there.    So how do we fix this problem – aggressive cropping of course! LOL

I am a huge fan of my X100F and I could live with it as my sole camera.  But a few years back I purchased an X-T1 with a few lens, 35mm, 14mm and 55-200mm.   I have thought about selling them but then I get the odd day like today where they come in handy and really, how much money would I get for them?   They work well, they don’t take up room, they cost me nothing and every once in awhile they get used, like today.

Team France with the city of Hamilton in behind.  This was from well over a km away.  The fuji files do allow for aggressive cropping, although I hate doing it.

We decided that today would be a good day to check out some of the Americas Cup racing here in Bermuda.   We had did a rece the other day and knew that Fort Scaur would be a decent place.   We packed up a big water jug, took the radio (good thing I did as we because the “audio guy” for all the spectators) and cameras.

We got there to discover that the winds had shifted enough that they moved the race course and we were stuck a rather long way from the race.    But I popped the 200mm on anyhow and did some aggressive cropping.   These are a few of the photos that are mostly crap and no sense posting mostly blurry pictures as we will be getting much closer to the boats in the coming days.

Four of the boats racing today, US (Oracle), Sweden (Artemis), France (Groupama) and GBR (BAR).   This shot was from well over 2km’s away.
Preparing for the race.   As you can see when far away, the crop is aggressive and there was haze.   Definitely not the quality I like.
Team GBR got within a KM of us so got a few pictures of her up on a plane.
Team GBR
Fleet of chase boats.
France and GBR with the spectator fleet and the city of Hamilton behind.
France and GBR and the spectator fleet.


France decided to help me out by moving a bit closer 🙂
France is the easiest boat to see and shoot, she is the only one with white sails.   Something going back to “we surrender” history…… joking of course 🙂

Weather continues to be beautiful here on the island and having a great time.