Winter has continued to fight spring off.  Two more snowstorms in as many weeks but today we found ourselves with a beautiful sunny day of 10c.  Although given how people were dressed you’d think it was much warmer.  Just a sign of how long this winter has been.

Jen and I grabbed the cameras and headed downtown, specifically Parliament Hill and the Byward Market.  I am completely unfamiliar with street work but I’ve been wanting to give it a try.  Although in the pictures below you will see I did slip back to my comfort zone of wider shots from time to time 🙂   The X100F performed wonderfully although with the 23mm you do need to get in close or be prepared to crop.  I find it hard to put the camera up in someones space to take the picture.

Colour images are a mix of classic chrome and velvia and all black and whites are arco’s with red filter.