FINALLY!  I have had my X100F for over a month and today the stars finally aligned;

  • It’s a lovely day outside,
  • It’s not stupid cold (unless you call -8c windchill stupid cold), and
  • I’m not at work.

Quick, get the camera!!!   🙂   A chance to finally play with the X100F outside.  Everyone is sick of my dog and cat pictures.  I want to see how this compares to my X-T1 and X100S.


Near the Long Island Lock is this old lock house, always fun to shoot the decay.

On my way home from this shoot, I realized that I had gone to the same spot where I took many of my first shots with the X-T1.   Check it out – Manotick in Black and White  Very different days, today is bright blue skies and snow on the ground, then was early summer with heavy dramatic clouds.   This is two years later and it’s interesting to see how my style has changed but you can definitely see a difference in image quality as well.  In particular Black and White vs Arcos and Provia vs Classic Chrome.   Interesting comparison.  I guess I should go reshoot with the X-T1 with my current style to see how they really compare.


A comparison of Arcos and Classic Chrome

But regardless, my experience was enjoyable.  As per normal the very small form factor makes dragging this camera around painless.  I carry  a very small Peak Design Field Accessory Bag  that holds the camera, cleaning cloth and 2 extra batteries with no difficulty.  I have the Slide Sling as a strap.


I had hoped to go to the city and try some street work but there is currently a bus strike on the Quebec side of the river so I figured that parking would be a nightmare and avoided it.  If the weather holds maybe Jen and I can get downtown on the weekend.   I had to go to Manotick anyhow as the snow plow driver destroyed my mailbox and I needed a replacement.  2 years in a row, bugger!


The black and white shots are jpegs from the camera, set to Acros w/red filter.  +1 Shadows and +1 Highlights.  After processing I see a trend and will probably bump both of those to +2 next time.   The colour shots are classic chrome but derived from the raw image in Lightroom.   Thus I shoot Raw+Fine.  I shoot aperture mode, given that it was a bright day, mostly around F8 or F5.6 with and without ND filter.  Auto ISO and auto shutter.  Keep it simple.


I continue to hate the location of the Q button.  Why on earth was this not found before the final version shipped?   Just recess the button or something.   I’ll be very surprised if they don’t issue a firmware release soon so we can change this.  I found myself having to lock the buttons on the back to save my sanity.


To me this was my image of the day.

The on/off switch is still stiff and hard to get my fingers on, but I can live with that.

I do wish it had a tilt display like my X-T1.  I do a lot of slow level shooting so it comes in very handy, several times today I had to lay on the ground.  But again, I will sacrifice so they keep the size down.


My 2nd Favourite of the day.

Otherwise no complaints, the camera is a dream to use and is a vast improvement over my old X100S and just different from the X-T1.  But having the Arcos is worth the price of admission.   Acros and Classic Chrome, to me, is so much fun and takes me back to shooting film.    CC is available on the X-T1 but not the Arcos.   Again, I’m not going to rush out and replace my T1 with a T2 as it’s still a great camera, although it’s not getting much use since the X100F landed.

Enjoy the images, I had a tough time just pulling a few from the 40 or so that I exported.