Last evening I had the opportunity to attend a private social event at the Canadian National War Museum inside the Lebreton Gallery.  This gallery hosts a very vast collection of tanks, jeeps, guns and vehicles from throughout Canada’s military history.  What a great opportunity to play with my new Fuji X100F.


Earlier this year I told you that I would spend more time doing street and black and white work.  Thus far the street stuff hasn’t happened due to weather and sickness but I have been playing more and more with the black and white.   The X100F has the amazing Acros film simulation which is a ton of addictive fun.


All these pictures are from the jpegs (there is currently no RAW support in Lightroom for the new camera) so I can only show off the black and white.   Once raw is available I do want to redo some of these in colour.   For the camera followers, the settings were Arcos with red filter.  ISO set to auto range (200-3200).  Speed was auto and aperture was anywhere from F2 to F5.6.  Other settings are +2 on shadows and +2 on highlights.   Lightroom edits were strictly, crop, +15 clarity, add black, add white maybe a touch of highlight or shadow and that was it.   No more then 45 secs per image.   These are pretty close to being straight out of the camera.  The X100F continues to impress me.


This is way out of my usual vivid colour landscape comfort zone so bare with me while I explore.   The images have noise from the higher ISO due to low light conditions, I don’t give a shit, it’s the image that matters.  Pixel peepers may not apply haha.  I’m trying to see the world through a different aperture and outside my norm, I loving looking at the world in a different perspective but it’s always confusing as to if it will look good.  The goal of this trip was not to photograph the tanks, it’s very tough in this building as they are behind barriers and very close together, the goal was to get close and personal.


I hope to start hitting the streets soon now that I’m getting more and more comfortable with the camera.  If your ever in Ottawa be sure to check out this wonderful museum.  Enjoy.