It’s so easy to just go through your pictures, pick out the best, post them and promptly never go back.  It’s always a great idea to go back through your photos several times on different days with a different eye.   My talk of black and white had me going back with mono in mind, pulled a couple of more gems from my recent trip to the UK.

I had never used my X100S in low light before this trip and the first few days I was struggling a bit with what ISO to use so the grain, which I like if done properly, is not consistent enough across the images, it blooms too much in certain areas but I still like the photos 🙂

The Green Dragon is an amazing 17th century pub located near Cheltenham.  If your in the area you will not find a better meal or nuance then this fabulous place.

I have been to this location 3 times over the years but I have yet to stay there in the daylight.   One of my future trips I will get there during the day and I might even stay there.

Definitely not a lie.   When you walk in your immediately struck by the welcome atmosphere and the smell of wood smoke from the open fireplaces and the coziness of the low ceilings.



The train station at Cheltenham Spa.
A street scene one evening in Cheltenham