Hey everyone, sorry for being so blatantly absent but I have a good reason!   I’ve been traveling 🙂   I still have at least 1 more post of Bermuda pictures to put up and I have several from the UK that I’ll try and get up over the next couple of days, this will mean multiple posts per day 🙂   I really need to learn to spread things out.

Here we go, I was in the UK for 10 days recently and spent my weekend and down time touring as much as I could.  Many of these spots are repeats for me – just search my posts for Bath, Stonehenge, London, etc – but always fun with the different lighting and camera gear.   This entire trip was done with my X100s and my Iphone.   The X100s continues to amaze me and always has me thinking I should sell off my X-T1 and lenses as I can do it all with this little camera.

It was an overcast day when we hit Bath that quickly changed to rain for the duration of the trip.  The forecast had called for sunshine.  Welcome to England.

To capture the size of the Roman Baths I had to switch the camera to pano mode, blew the skies out trying to capture the inside.   Even my 14mm lens would not have done this place justice.  Click to get a bigger view.

I can just image wading around in these warm waters….ahhhhhhhhh

and the rain comes down.

I believe this is an add-on to the Roman Bath.   This is were the English kings, queens and royalty hung out.  Not near as old, probably around 1200 or so haha.

I love this scene.  Some of the shops have such outstanding displays outside their windows.  I wish I had more time to explore.

Looking down the river from up on the bridge.

A picture screwup that still kinda works.   I got the colour and lighting I wanted but missed the focal point.   The lines are awesome.   This is what happens when you feel rushed and don’t slow down.

Beautiful spot.

The Christmas lights are starting to appear.

Trying to bring the women into the shop would be my guess 🙂

Wet cobblestones, not something we find in Canada much 🙂

Makes me think I should have done more black and white.   Argh, need more time there 🙂