In the fall Bermuda has amazing sunsets and if you get any clouds to go with it you will find yourself with an amazing site.   A great spot to shoot from is the top of Fort Scaur which I posted day times pics from a few days ago.   This was last nights sunset followed by a few night shots of Gibbs Hill lighthouse and a sunset time-lapse video.  Enjoy.

When I arrived it was obvious it was going to be a good one.

Couldn’t resist catching the glow of sunset off some foliage.

Behind me the moon was looking pretty good as well.

And the time-lapse of what I was shooting for 20 minutes;

Once the sun had set I figured I’d head up to Gibbs Hill lighthouse.   I had never shot the X-T1 at night before and I was doing everything handheld.  I learned a few lessons.  Not very happy with the pictures below, they have noise in them and need some exposure work but now I know what to do and will head back up early next week for another attempt.