On my drive to and from the former CFS Bermuda on Daniel’s Head on Monday, I did spend a few minutes taking some pictures of some of the more scenic spots.   Not as many as I wanted and I’m not overly pleased with the quality as the light was very harsh but this is a start, might go back down later this week for a few more if I find time.

Somerset bridge is always a scenic spot that I have photographed hundreds of times.  Trying to put a different angle on the scene.

I have always loved this old cottage across from the post office that is beside Somerset Bridge.

Elly’s Harbour

St James’ Church in Somerset

Cambridge Beach Resort as seen from Daniel’s Head.  Unfortunately there is a missing Canadian Tourist from the resort right now.  He apparently suffers from memory loss, I kept an eye out for him all day, as of tonight he still hasn’t been found.

Looking across Mangrove Bay to the town of Somerset.

Mangrove Bay

The main street in Somerset.

The former Bank of Bermuda branch in Somerset.

Watford Bridge

The former Sonesta Beach Hotel site.   The hotel was leveled a number of years ago.  The circle below was the pool and dome that was located in the lagoon. 

Had many a fun night at Henry the VIII’s

The view looking down from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Hill.  One of those times I would have liked to have a zoom lens.

View of the Southampton Princess from Gibbs Hill

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is getting a facelift, must have been fun putting up all that scaffolding.  Unfortunately will not be able to go up this trip but nice to see they are restoring the tower.