Couldn’t pass up a calm, sunny and warm day regardless of what the date is!   Happy Cinco de Mayo!   Two weeks ago we had snow and sleet, now it’s 24c and all the snow and ice is gone and the river looks great!   Water levels are very low as the canal isn’t yet open (another few weeks yet) so the locks are still holding back the water.   I would expect them to start flooding soon.   The downside is the lock stations are closed and no low docks to launch from but the upside is no powerboats at all!   No boats and no people, I was rather surprised to not even see other paddlers.  I had the canal to myself.  Although it was a mid morning run so might be busier in the afternoon.
There are a billion photos of this locations/run further into the blog as this is my usual haunt and the first place I hit each year but this is this years crop.    Lovely blue skies and a very calm day.
It’s about a 10km run down and back so just a couple of hours.  Enough to tell my arms that I need more exercise 🙂   Birds are still cagey from their commute south but ran across both a Heron and a Hawk, along with ducks and geese.  Some carp starting to run and the turtles were poking their heads up but not sunning themselves yet.   To bad I couldn’t get pics of the birds, turtles and fish but they are just to cagey right now.
Click the image for a larger view.
Approaching the village of Burritts Rapids

The swing bridge at Burritts

Lots of Geese around

Inukshuk @ Nicholson Lock

Another Inukshuk @ Nickolsons

Nickolsons Lock, strange seeing it all closed up

Nope, powerboat erosion isn’t an issue at all…..ya right!

Best photo I’ve ever gotten of the church @ Burritts

Arriving back @ Burritts Rapids Lock